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Subject: titlepage.xsl anomaly

I am running into something strange when building a custom titlepage.xsl for the epub3 stylesheets.

When I built my custom titlepage.xsl file, using the template/titlepage.xsl file from the 1.77.1 ns distribution, the stylesheet does not put the <div> elements into a name space. The result is that when the epub3 stylesheets are run, you end up with a bunch of <div> elements in a null name space (i.e.,  <div xmlns="">), which makes some of my downstream processing unhappy.

I went back and rebuilt the standard titlepage.xsl file, just in case I had changed something, but got the same result (and the same result using either saxon or xsltproc).

It looks like epub3/titlepage.xsl was either built with a different template/titlepage.xsl file or some other options were used.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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