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Subject: Pretty-printing HTML and FO output


For general debugging purposes I want to be able to indent/pretty-print my output, both HTML and FO. Particularly with the FO files, the lines are extremely long and it makes opening the FO file in an editor painful.

For the HTML I know I can use an <xsl:output indent="yes"/> element in my customization layer as this is supported by my XSLT processor, but I also saw that there's the chunker.output.indent parameter. The parameter's name seems to imply that it would only work if you use the chunking stylesheets. I also noticed that <xsl:output indent="no"/> is exlicitly set in html/docbook.xsl. Can someone clarify whether I can override that in the customization layer?

For FO, I noticed the following comment in fo/docbook.xsl

<!-- It is important to use indent="no" here, otherwise verbatim -->
<!-- environments get broken by indented tags...at least when the -->
<!-- callout extension is used...at least with some processors -->
<xsl:output method="xml" indent="no"/>

Can anyone shed any light on this comment?


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