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Subject: Antenna House Formatter - customising extensions

I'd like to move from RenderX XEP to Antenna House Formatter because it seems to offer better typography and page layout for complex material. But looking at their website, in particular the axf extensions available, I can't determine whether:
1. all the extensions come bundled with the formatter out of the box, or
2. if there are supporting stylesheets available at cost I need to integrate with my customisations, or
3. if there are only examples of stylesheet implementations available for individual extensions, which I would then need to copy and somehow get to work with DocBook.

I've read a few posts about others who were looking at AXF - which of the options above is correct? I need to know if what I spend on the formatter is going to be good value, or if I need to still put in a lot more effort and dollars to get the extensions working.

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