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Subject: Images not getting output in all formats using Oxygen 14.0

Hi, using Oxygen 14.0

I have a docbook file help.xml, and in the same folder a subfolder called images with some images in it. I apply the Pdf, Html, Xhtml-Chunks and WebHelp transormations, what Ive found is:

Html and Xhtml do not copy the images folder, so the image link is broken
Pdf outputs the image far too large so it cannot fit on the page (the image is 800 pixels wide.
WebHelp outputs the image just right.

I then added width="300" to the imagedata element and reran the transformations, now Pdf looks fine, but WebHelp is far too small.

1> So how do I get image sizes to look sensible in all formats ?
2> How do I get images copied over for html and xhtml formats ?


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