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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Images not getting output in all formats using Oxygen 14.0

On 27/09/2012 07:00, Radu Coravu wrote:
Hi Paul,

Please see some answers below:

Html and Xhtml do not copy the images folder, so the image link is broken

Basically the standard Docbook HTML and XHTML transformations apply XSLT stylesheets on the Docbook XML files. The XSLT processing does not copy images or any other binary resource to a particular folder so you would have to do this yourself, or run an automated script which does this.

Pdf outputs the image far too large so it cannot fit on the page (the image is 800 pixels wide.

You are probably using Apache FOP, right?
Usually this is related to the DPI used by Apache FOP to render the images. Actually there have been recent discussions on the DITA Users List about such issues also:
I just select the Docbook PDF transformation, but there is only one type (Xml with XSLT)


In the "OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR\lib\fop-config.xml" you should try to increase the values for "source-resolution" and "target-resolution" and see if it helps. If that does not help, here is another suggestion I gave to someone having the same problem and who was using GIMP for editing PNG images:

Tried this anyway, not expecting it to work but it did , so bit confused but thankyou !
What I did on my side was to edit with GIMP the image called "test.png"
and in the Image menu I chose "Scale Image", modified the X and Y resolutions to 110 and then chose "Scale" and saved the image.

WebHelp outputs the image just right.

The WebHelp output (either the one which comes with Docbook or the customized Oxygen WebHelp) executes an ANT transformation which besides applying the XSLT stylesheets on the XML files does additional operations like copying image folders to the output folder.

Yes realized later on I could copy the images over myself so not such a big deal, but a bit inconsistent don't you think ? As much as possible I want to create one help file and not consider the output formats at all whilst writing it, then one click I want it rendered nicely for each formats


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