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Subject: XSL for Qt4 QtAssistant

Hello all,
I had to generate HTML in a way that would work with QtAssistant (Qt4). I've hacked htmlhelp-common.xsl to pieces and tied the output together with a bash script for use on a linux system with qtassistant, xsltproc and tidy installed. For my document it actually produces QtAssistant documentation that works. I make no guarantee it will for yours, as I have only fixed the parts that affect how I use docbook (e.g. I only use section, not sect[1,2,3..]).

Feel free to use it if it works, fix it if it doesn't (perhaps someone more versed in XSL than myself can make the bash wrapper obsolete by getting the XSL to output the correct files directly). I am on #docbook on freenode as generik if you want to talk directly.

Attached are the XSLs I use, and the bash wrappers. The bash wrappers have been modified to exclude certain specifics of my document environment. As they stand, they require all four files in the current working directory and the output HTML, QHCP, QHP, QCH, and QHC files will end up there too. Location of documentation can be given as arguments to the main wrapper like so:

./generate_qt_help.sh directory_of_document document.xml

Erik Rask
Technical documentation
Procera Networks
"Documentation has one purpose: To help people who want to know things to know things."

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