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Subject: How to create sidebars for epub3?


I do have an ebook that is written in docbook and delivered as PDF.
So far I have refrained from shipping epub/mobi as they had no sidebars, but
now with epub3 and KF8, that should work I thought. But I seem to be missing

So far sidebars show up smack in the middle (I use the firefox epub
extension for testing).

This is how they look like in the XML source:
           <imagedata fileref="images/WB-presets.jpg" format="JPG"
                      width="100%" scalefit="1" align="inside" />

This is what I see in the epub:
<div class="sidebar" epub:type="sidebar">
  <div class="titlepage" />
    <div class="informalfigure">
       <div style="align: inside; " class="mediaobject">
          <table style="border: 0; border-spacing: 0; padding: 0;
                        width: 100%; ">
             <td style="align: inside; ">
               <img style="align: inside; width: 100%; "
                    src="images/WB-presets.jpg" />

I use eta3 of the epub stylesheets from sourceforge.
Am I missing some form of customization?
Any examples appreciated.


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