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Subject: Alternatives to bridgeheads

We're currently using <bridgehead> a lot to emulate <section>, mostly where we don't want sections to be split out into separate HTML pages (and where we can't prevent that simply via the chunking level).

<bridgehead> has a number of drawbacks, though, one of them being that it's not a container element.

I guess we're looking for something that satisfies these requirements:

* Produces a separate (not inline) title, unlike <formalpara>
* Takes a <title>, so that it can be xref'ed without having to supply the link text, unlike <bridgehead> * Acts as a wrapper around the associated content, unlike <bridgehead>, and unlike <formalpara> (which wraps only a limited set of elements, not including lists for example) * Does not produce a standalone section (unlike <section> which might or might not depending on nesting depth)

I don't know of anything like that. Does it exist? Does <simplesect> do all that?



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