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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] WebHelp link to index of manuals

On 10/19/2012 11:40 AM, Tim Casling wrote:
> I'm using the WebHelp stylesheets and would like to have a link back to
> a html page that has a list of manuals. In the Rackspace docs that are
> used as an example, I'm referring to the "Rackspace Manuals" link in the
> area at the top of the contents pane.

Hi Tim,
When Kasun merged the UI improvements from OpenStack/Rackspace, we
decided to omit that bar below the header because there wouldn't
normally be something to put there. I suppose we should parameterize it
so it appears if you want it and have stuff to put there.

The xslts that produce Rackspace's webhelp are available here:


Specifically here:


Look for <div id="toolbar"...> and <xsl:template name="breadcrumbs">.


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