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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] olinking in webhelp

On 24.10.2012 20:57, David Cramer wrote:

> Testing would be the only reason to hesitate. One reason I've liked
> xhtml with the doctype in the past is that it kept browsers out of
> quirks mode, but I don't keep up with the latest trends in browser
> behavior.

XHTML5 stylesheets output <!DOCTYPE html> which is enough for switching
into standards mode.

I have just checked output of XHTML5 stylesheet and there are some
things which could be improved.

XHTML is usually served with a wrong MIME type as text/html and web
browsers then use HTML parser on content. In order to get encoding rigth
XML declaration should be there but <meta> tag with encoding should be

XML declaration can be easily omitted by omit-xml-declaration on
xsl:output. The second thing is more tricky, but in Saxon 6.5 you can
specify output method as saxon:xhtml and this does the job.

At least for WebHelp which relies on Ant xhtml:saxon can be make defaut
as Ant script invokes transformation as well.

> I don't have strong preferences. Switching base xsls could affect
> customization layers, but progress is good too.

I think that WebHelp is still rather moving target, so things are likely
to break. But sooner we will fix something it's better.

Also yesterday I was consulting using WebHelp at client's site and
discovered some really strange things. For example admon.graphics is
only parameter supplied to transformation in Ant which makes it
impossible to specify this parameter in customization layer. It took me
quite a while to figure this out. Also there was some bug in Javascript
code for handling links where chunk.section.depth was lower then 3 which
is default in WebHelp.

I hope I will get soon time to comment on few similar issues.


  Jirka Kosek      e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz      http://xmlguru.cz
       Professional XML consulting and training services
  DocBook customization, custom XSLT/XSL-FO document processing
 OASIS DocBook TC member, W3C Invited Expert, ISO JTC1/SC34 member

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