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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] procedure steps

Em 25-10-2012 18:44, Bob Stayton escreveu:
> Hi Gabor,
> The first substeps wrapper is not necessary.  The stepalternatives
> element can appear after para in a step.  So your construct could look
> like this:
> <step>
>  <para>If A</para>
>  <stepalternatives>
>    <step>
>      <para>If A/1</para>
>      <substeps>
>        <step>
>          ...
> Why is a substeps wrapper required for the second case?  Most likely to
> avoid confusion.

Thanks Bob, it looks now somewhat better, yet there's still an ugly
case. If I want to insert stepalternatives between two steps, I can only
do it if I wrap it into a step, otherwise the FO file will be invalid.
However, the rendering is quite weird with this workaround. This is the
case I'm talking about:






One more thing I noticed is that xref's also render strange. When using
stepalternatives, the enclosed steps are bulleted, yet in the the xref
text, they are enumerated. In turn, "normal" steps are enumerated with
numbers at the top level and at lower levels with letters. I think it
would be less confusing to always use numbers for "normal" steps and
letters for stepalternatives. In this way, we could generate a more
meaningful xref text since bullets cannot be referred to easily. What do
you think?


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