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Subject: Indexing markup... emacs

Reading a very good emacs blog
I found the guy has a book, $5 US

The blog is good, I'm finding the tutorial really handy

Quick lesson in macros. Docbook indexing.

Highlight the term, M-x pi
with or without s (for secondary term)


(defun pi (class start end)
  "Markup for docbook index, optional secondary term"
  (interactive "sEnter s for secondary : \nr")
  (let* (
	 (idxterm  (buffer-substring start end))  ; the indexed term
	 (termlen (length idxterm))              ; len of above
	 (pms (concat "<indexterm><primary>" idxterm "</primary>"))
	 (sms "<secondary>")
	 (sme "</secondary>")
	 (pme "</indexterm>")
	 (pml (length pms)) ;; primary length
	 (sml (length sms))  ;; secondary length
	 ) ;; end of local vars
  (goto-char (- end termlen ))(insert pme )
    (goto-char start)(insert pms)
    (when (equal "s" class) ;; if secondary wanted
	   (insert (concat sms sme )))
    (setq newpoint
	  (if (equal "s" class)
	      (+ (length pms) (length sms)) ;; insert point for secondary
	    (+ (length pms) (length pme))
    (goto-char (+ (region-beginning) newpoint))


Dave Pawson

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