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Subject: SOLVED: epub heading levels and centered images

on 11.11.2012 20:18 Bob Stayton said the following:
> Well, I compiled an epub3 book with a table with a style attribute that
> included "margin: 0 auto;", and the table is centered in the Firefox epub
> extension reader.  So I think that style works, and it should work for
> centering an image in a viewport table, so I'm not sure what is going on
> with your book.

A quick update:

What was going on, was some interaction between my attempts to center the
image via CSS and directly in the file.

The "margin: 0 auto;" solution in the table proposed by Bob works if I don't
mess with the tables in the CSS.

Bob sent me more global solution that works without touching the tables:
When I leave the tables alone and put

div.mediaobject table {
    margin: 0 auto;

into the CSS I also get the images centered. This of course is much easier
for generating the epub file with generally centered images.

Step by step I am getting closer to have my PDF ebook also available in
other format.

Thanks again to Bob for his help!


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