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Subject: itemizedlist in manpages after xml transformation


I'm transforming a docbook xml document into manpage format using the latest stylesheet distribution (1.77.1). The docbook xml document conatains several itemized lists.

When viewing the resulting manpage on my Linux system I see each list item preceded by the number 267 in reverse video. I believe this is meant to be a character like a bullet or a hyphen to indicate the start of each new item in the list.

Is this an issue that's being recognized (or can be reproduced)?

I can imagine various reasons for this erroneous display. Most likely is a configuration issue on my side; but then I haven't a clue at which level to look:
  - stylesheet parameters?
  - wrong font, somewhere?
  - ...

A similar issue regards the copyright sign, which is rendered as nr. 251 in reverse video.

Can someone indicate to me where to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Erik Leunissen.

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