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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] TOC on kindle

I haven't started using EPUB3 stylesheets yet, but for my epub2 and kindle work, I finally customized the stylesheets to produce my TOC lines as p tags with useful class names that I can control in the CSS. Neither of the built in list-options for TOC seemed to work well enough for my purposes, especially when going into Kindlegen. You could try that route. Requires more CSS work, but results in much better control. 

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From: Richard Hamilton [mailto:hamilton@xmlpress.net] 
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 5:22 PM
To: DocBook Apps
Subject: [docbook-apps] TOC on kindle

I've been building books with the ePub3 style sheets, then using kindlegen to convert them to .mobi.

It works pretty well for most things, however, the TOC is giving me several problems.

1) At least in the emulator, it seems like only the Kindle Paperwhite honors the hidden attribute on <ol>. The result is that even if toc.section.depth is set to 0 and toc.max.depth set to 1, most Kindles show a complete toc (I'm talking about the xhtml toc here, not the .ncx toc).

2) Some kindles, e.g., first generation and the iPad and iPhone apps (again this is seen in the emulator, but I think the emulator is pretty good these days), interpret the <ol> elements literally, which means that you get numbering that does not appear in other instances or in ePub readers. And, since the numbering encompasses prefaces, appendixes, colophons, etc. the numbers often bear no relation to any actual chapter numbers.

So, my question is whether there are ways to work around these problems to make the Kindle versions behave a bit more sensibly?

Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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