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Subject: XInclude with xpointer and ID

Hi all,

I was trying to make a modular document with XIncludes using xpointer.
I would like to use them with the ID that tags are assigned. Like so

some doc:
<section id="reqs">

some other doc:

<xi:include href="">                 xpointer="element(reqs)"/>

But this scheme is not working for me. Not in xsltproc neither in fop.

if I use xpointer="element(/1/6)" , for example, it does work

but that means that i cannot add an element (say a paragraph) before the included elements, because that would mean that the numbering changes

what is wrong with my scheme?

i've searched lots of sites but i haven't found a similar problem, besides some people that wasn't defining their DTD right

btw, I'm using docbook version 5 and my docbook headers look like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE article [
<!ENTITY % HashEnts SYSTEM "urn:xml-antica:llaves.ent">
<article version="5.0" xml:lang="es" xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook"

where i add a DOCTYPE element because I need to use some entities file defined somewhere else
of course the ones belonging to the included parts are of type section :)

If someone of you could tell me the mistake im committing if any, it would be very useful

Thanks a lot!

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