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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Oasis catalogs?

On 27 February 2013 13:41, John Brown <johnbrown105@hotmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 10:24:33 +0000,Dave Pawson wrote:
>> Given <!DOCTYPE act SYSTEM "\\lrctso.lawreform.ie\lrcdtd\Legislation.DTD">
>> How to remap this to a local file please?
>> <system
>> systemId="file:\\lrctso.lawreform.ie\lrcdtd\Legislation.DTD"
>> uri="file:///files/schemas/Legislation.dtd" />
>> Is not working...
>> java.net.UnknownHostException: lrctso.lawreform.ie
>> Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported
>> Seems like the host isn't being recognised.... Is there a workaround please?
> With xsltproc the following works on Windows.
> <system
> systemId="file:////lrctso.lawreform.ie/lrcdtd/Legislation.DTD"
> uri="file:///files/schemas/Legislation.dtd" />
> That is, if there is no catalog entry, the DTD will be found. If the catalog
> entry and the DOCTYPE are written as in my suggestion, then the catalog
> will resolve it. You will have to change the DOCTYPE in your documents.
> If you investigate,you will probably be told that
> "file:\\lrctso.lawreform.ie\lrcdtd\Legislation.DTD" is not a legal system ID.

I was hoping not to have to change the doctype decl.
It is currently "\\....." which I believe is wrong.

> The rules that I use when constructing "file://" paths:
> 1) Start with "file://"
> 2) If it is a path on drive (fixed or mapped),then add /<drive-letter>:/path/to/file.ext, i.e.,
> replace \ with /
> e.g., file:///C:/path/to/file.ext

<grin/> the url dance!

> 3) If it is a network path (UNC share name) then write out the path just as you would normally,
> replacing \ with / as above, e.g.
> file:////myserver/myshare/path/to/file.ext.

so the unc \\share would show in the catalog as file:////  doubling up?

> By the way, your URI assumes that the directory /files is in the root of the active drive,
> so if the full path is C:\files\schemas\... and you are on D:, the your command will not
> work.

Yes, I dislike Windows enough to only use c drive!

> All of this is assuming that you are on Windows, of course.

ONly as little as possible!

Thanks John.

I need to let the 'owners' know about \\share..... I wonder if this is
common enough
to ask Norm to dance with Oasis again to add it?


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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