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Subject: FW: Microsoft Help v1.0 transform

:: Morten Engelhardt Olsen

From: Olsen, Morten Engelhardt
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 14:56
To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Microsoft Help v1.0 transform

Hi all,


I’m a long time reader and no-poster (due to a super firewall here), but it should go through now.


Now, the the point;


I do remember to have seen somewhere that there is a wish to get the new Microsoft Help format (hv1,hv2.0 etc) into docbook. We have written a transformation for this internally, and I was wondering if it would  be something that upstream would be interested in. If some of you think it will, then I would be happy to start the internal (..yes) process of open sourcing the customizations.

It is functional, but there are some corner cases that I know about that fails, so I believe it would be preferable to get some more eyes on the transformation.


Please let me know what you think regarding this


Morten Engelhardt Olsen

Software Engineer / Tools Group / Atmel Corporation

Tel: (+47) 930 94 593

Morten_engelhardt.Olsen@atmel.com / http://www.atmel.com/


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