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Subject: Re: image fileref and xincludes

im not sure if i got it right
but now i think that every time you resolve a file through a catalog you get the absolutized uri (regardless of the uri being absolute or relative)
this implies that you must decide which kind of xinclude you are going to use in order to include all image including files... catalog resolved or native xinclude resolved
hopefully im wrong


2013/3/6 Cristobal Vio <crvio@antica.cl>
Hi there,

(Within FOP)
I was wondering if there is a way to reference images within an absolute URI xincluded file.

I know there exists the

<xsl:param name="keep.relative.image.uris" select="1"></xsl:param>

parameter which (if included in the stylesheet customization) makes the fileref reference to be "literally copied" to the output fo-file, but then all images referenced in relative URI xincluded files are not resolved anymore

These absolute URI xincluded files are not absolute referenced on purpose.
They arise when resolving a file like so

<xi:include href=""> ...

        rewritePrefix="somerelativedir/" />

What I intend with this is to make many xinclude resolutions to depend on the catalog that is used on the xsltproc invocation.

This works, but fileref tries to look for a file in
which doesnt exist.
This only occurs for fo. Html processing resolves image files flawlessly.

So my problem could be resolved in any of these three ways
- Find an alternative way to make selective path resolution depending on the catalog used
- Making fileref resolution to behave just as xinclude referencing works
- Making fileref resolution for FO work just like it does for html

Many thanks in advance.


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