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Subject: Strange warning in Math.xsl using Saxon9

I have recently updated my Docbook processing system to include Saxon Everything works well but I have a warning that does not make sense and maybe someone here can explain it.
    Warning: at xsl:variable on line 65 column 38 of math.xsl:
      SXWN9001: A variable with no following sibling instructions has no effect
Since I am processing for FO, it is referencing fo/math.xsl and this template:
<xsl:template match="equation/alt[@role='tex'] | informalequation/alt[@role='tex'] |
                     equation/mediaobject/textobject[@role='tex'] |
                     informalequation/mediaobject/textobject[@role='tex']" priority="1">
  <xsl:variable name="output.delims"> <!-- Line 65 -->
    <xsl:call-template name="tex.math.output.delims"/>
As I understand it, this template only come into action when the "role='tex' " is added to an equation or its children. However, I do not reference that in any of my XML Docbook files or my own XSL layer. I have grepped for it in the XML and XSL but to no avail.
Is this a normal warning when using Saxon 9.4 or is it something that I am doing? Has anyone else seen it? It doesn't show up when I use XSLTPROC and Saxon 6.5.5 on the same stylesheets. Or is this an issue with 1.78.1?
Dean Nelson

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