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Subject: Company logo in title page (non-standard, I already RTFM)

Hello, I am having a great deal of difficulty getting a solution to my problem here and I'm hoping this list can help.

I need to add our company logo to our title page in PDF output, and I have a strange set of requirements. My collection of book documents does not currently have a <mediaobject> in the <bookinfo> section, and I can't add it to the source files for compatibility with our FOSI production system.

I'm using the titlepage.templates.xml conversion system, and I have everything the way I want without the graphic. If I add the <mediaobject> to my source file, the title page looks exactly the way I want it; but, like I said before, I can't keep it there because then I'll have two identical graphics there when the FOSI production system builds the PDFs.

So, here is my question: can I use a template to add a static <mediaobject> to the <bookinfo> element before the title page xslt happens? I added a small template to my customization layer that sort of works (it adds the <mediaobject>, but then FOP crashes when it tries to make the PDF). Here is the template I added:

    <xsl:template match="@* | node()">
            <xsl:apply-templates select="@* | node()"/>
    <xsl:template match="bookinfo">
                    <imagedata fileref="http://swpubs.us.cray.com/entities/craylogo.new.gif"; scale="133"/>
            <xsl:apply-templates select="@* | *"/>

Thanks in advance!

Eric Nordlund
Customer Documentation and Training
Cray Inc.
901 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98164

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