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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] GSoC Project Idea: integrated LaTeX output support for the stylesheets

Em 05-04-2013 15:26, Stefan Seefeld escreveu:
There are two projects, db2latex and dblatex, which provide such
>functionality but they do not integrate well with the existing
>stylesheets and dblatex also introduces a new dependency, Python.
Can you elaborate a little how you would reuse existing stylesheets in
your approach ? AFAIU they are all specific to a particular output
medium (e.g. HTML or FO), and so the only way to reuse them would be to
process the generated FO instead of DB, no ?
I'm also not concerned about Python as a dependency. It is widely
available, and seems to me to be a better tool to translate XML to LaTeX
than XSLT. However I'd be happy to learn otherwise.:-)
There are couple of general templates and facilities, e.g. those that handle localized text and the titlepage generation mechanism. I mean here integration and not strict reuse. People would be able to use these stylesheets with the same conventions as they use XHTML and FO stylesheets, that is, generating a titlepage, setting XSLT parameters to control behavior and overriding certain templates, in which they can insert localized templates or use e.g. the object.id template. It could be shipped with the DocBook XSL distribution and could have a similar reference documentation of XSLT parameters?

If you prefer Python, it could be an alternative but I'd like to provide a purely XSLT-based mechanism, as well. According to my estimation, it would require very minimal coding.
>Do you also think it is useful? Any potential mentors? Please share
>your thoughts.
While I'm concerned about the scope of the project, I'd be happy to
mentor you again this year.
Thank you, Stefan!


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