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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] GSoC Project Idea: integrated LaTeX output support for the stylesheets

On 2013-04-05 12:19, honyk wrote:
I entered company that used dblatex. My task was to create outputs that meet the corporate identity. I very quickly switched to XSL-FO and commercial XSL-FO processor. I still believe this was the only solution to cope with

If you need huge customizations in TeX based solutions, you need deep
knowledge both XSLT and TeX parts of the production workflow as you usually
have to customize both of them.

FWIW, we've used the dblatex solution for five years now, and are very pleased with it. We chose it, rather than the XSL-FO route, because we're producing grammars of languages that have mixed left-to-right and right-to-left text, and not just garden variety Arabic script). At the time we made this choice, I don't believe XSL-FO supported right-to-left text well. Of course, that probably matters not at all in your situation! (BTW, we're actually using XeLaTeX, a Unicode-aware version of LaTeX.)

One obvious disadvantage is that we've needed to understand LaTeX (not plain TeX), since many of the tweaks rely on changes to our LaTeX style sheets, or alternative LaTeX packages. But this has been an advantage at the same time, since the LaTeX typesetting is quite mature and has handled everything we've thrown at it.

Someone mentioned that dblatex uses Python. The amount of Python code in dblatex is quite small, and I've never had to do anything with it. The xslt code, otoh, I've had to deal with extensively, although most of that has had to do with odd things we're doing with the alignment of right-to-left text, and some linguistic data structures we've added to the standard DocBook structures.

   Mike Maxwell
   University of Maryland

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