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Subject: Specify FO output font size in xml element?

Hi gang, I've had so much luck with this list this week. Thanks!

I have some verbatim sections that I need to shrink the font size so the whole line fits on the page. I've modified the <xsl:template match="programlisting|screen|synopsis"> template in verbatim.xsl so that I can pass a width='1' attribute which sets the resulting fo:block to have 0pts indent left and right, which effectively opens my margins up. Another thing I need to do is pass a role="8pt" or role="7pt" attribute that will shrink the font size down on those elements for the really long ones. Is that something anyone has done before that could share a sample with me?

Am I even on the right track, or am I making things harder than they need to be?

Thanks in advance!

Eric Nordlund
Customer Documentation and Training
Cray Inc.
901 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98164

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