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Subject: Re: Eliminating soft hyphens shown in mid line?

In fact it looks like whether the soft hyphen shows up in mid line depends on the following character.

    <listitem><para><literal>. .</literal></para></listitem>

produces the following in the PDF:

• .-­.
• . .
• .
• .­-]
• .\
• .-­"
• .a
• .Z


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 3:23 PM, Mark Craig <mark.craig@gmail.com> wrote:

Apologies if this is really a FOP question. I'm a bit out of my depth.

I've added some FO customization based on Bob Stayton's helpful suggestion on putting hyphenation within table cells, adding soft hyphens after . in <literal>.

For most of the text the customization works exactly as desired in PDF. For example, inside of a <para>, <literal>com.iplanet.am.sdk.caching.enabled</literal> shows up split where necessary.

You must explicitly set this property to true, because setting com.-
to false in the previous step disables
both user and configuration data caching.

I have many examples of this working throughout the documentation I'm working on, and it is particularly helpful in table cells.

Unfortunately, in some cases, such as <term><literal>userattr = "[parent[child-level].]attr#GROUPDN|USERDN"</literal></term>, the soft hyphen shows up after the . even though the line does not break. (I've replaced the soft hyphen in the following with a hyphen so you can see what I mean.)

userattr = "[parent[child-level].­-]attr#GROUPDN|USERDN"

What should I do to avoid the soft hyphen appearing in the PDF in such cases?

Thanks for your time and your help,

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