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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Custom css with webhelp

Hi David,
All the usual params are supported in the xslts BUT the sample 
Makefile and build.xml don't pass in every supported param. Looking
at it, I see that it supports only the profiling params out of the box. 

So if you're using the supplied build.xml or Makefile as a starting point
you'll need to adapt it so that it also passes in the params you set. 

If that's the case, look for the following lines in the build file and
add html.stylesheet following the pattern you see for the profiling 


Sample Makefile:

	xsltproc  --xinclude --output xincluded-profiled.xml  \
                  --stringparam  profile.arch ${PROFILE.ARCH} \
                  --stringparam  profile.audience ${PROFILE.AUDIENCE} \
                  --stringparam  profile.condition ${PROFILE.CONDITION} \
                  --stringparam  profile.conformance ${PROFILE.CONFORMANCE} \
                  --stringparam  profile.lang ${PROFILE.LANG} \
                  --stringparam  profile.os ${PROFILE.OS} \
                  --stringparam  profile.revision ${PROFILE.REVISION} \
                  --stringparam  profile.revisionflag ${PROFILE.REVISIONFLAG} \
                  --stringparam  profile.role ${PROFILE.ROLE} \
                  --stringparam  profile.security ${PROFILE.SECURITY} \
                  --stringparam  profile.status ${PROFILE.STATUS} \
                  --stringparam  profile.userlevel ${PROFILE.USERLEVEL} \
                  --stringparam  profile.vendor ${PROFILE.VENDOR} \
                  --stringparam  profile.wordsize ${PROFILE.WORDSIZE} \
                  --stringparam  profile.attribute ${PROFILE.ATTRIBUTE} \
                  --stringparam  profile.value ${PROFILE.VALUE} \
                  ../profiling/profile.xsl  \

Sample build.xml:

	  <sysproperty key="org.apache.xerces.xni.parser.XMLParserConfiguration"
	  <param name="profile.arch" expression="${profile.arch}" if="profile.arch"/>
	  <param name="profile.audience" expression="${profile.audience}" if="profile.audience"/>
	  <param name="profile.condition" expression="${profile.condition}" if="profile.condition"/>
	  <param name="profile.conformance" expression="${profile.conformance}" if="profile.conformance"/>
	  <param name="profile.lang" expression="${profile.lang}" if="profile.lang"/>
	  <param name="profile.os" expression="${profile.os}" if="profile.os"/>
	  <param name="profile.revision" expression="${profile.revision}" if="profile.revision"/>
	  <param name="profile.revisionflag" expression="${profile.revisionflag}" if="profile.revisionflag"/>
	  <param name="profile.role" expression="${profile.role}" if="profile.role"/>
	  <param name="profile.security" expression="${profile.security}" if="profile.security"/>
	  <param name="profile.status" expression="${profile.status}" if="profile.status"/>
	  <param name="profile.userlevel" expression="${profile.userlevel}" if="profile.userlevel"/>
	  <param name="profile.vendor" expression="${profile.vendor}" if="profile.vendor"/>
	  <param name="profile.wordsize" expression="${profile.wordsize}" if="profile.wordsize"/>
	  <param name="profile.attribute" expression="${profile.attribute}" if="profile.attribute"/>
	  <param name="profile.value" expression="${profile.value}" if="profile.value"/>

On 04/16/2013 08:04 AM, David Goss wrote:
> I want to use a custom CSS file with webhelp output. I'm using Oxygen. I set the html.stylesheet parameter and pointed it to a custom CSS file. 
> In my output, however, the CSS is not linked. I only see one <link> for css in the output, which is for tocWDiv.css.
> Does the html.stylesheet parameter not work the way I'm expecting it to with webhelp?
> --- 
> David Goss, M.A. 
> Technical Writer, Laboratory Division 
> Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation 
> 4033 Maple Road 
> Amherst, NY 14226 
> (716) 834-0900 x7218 
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