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Subject: Re: Fw: [docbook-apps] Namespace issues with titlepage templates in slides

On 8.5.2013 7:19, Bob Stayton wrote:

> Would have time to take a look at this?  It seems Alexey spent a
> great deal of time sorting out the namespace issues for the DocBook
> titlepage template system, and has proposed many improvements.  As
> far as I can tell, they make sense, but I think you should look at
> it.

Sure, I originally skipped message as from subject line I got impression
it's related to slides only.

> This issue, however, shows that the titlepage.xsl is not not fully
> namespace aware. First, it shouldn't "autoguess" the namespace for
> t:wrapper - instead, it should just discover the namespace referred
> to by the t:wrapper attribute.

Autoguessing is here just for backward compatibility. Ideally namespace
should be passed by ns parameter. Problems you have seen in slides
titlepages are caused by missing ns parameter in the build script.

> Attached patches deal with these issues:

Thanks for the patches. There are many good ideas in your code, but I'm
little bit worried about backward compatibility -- in past we have tried
very hard to keep old titlepage templates to work with newer versions of
stylesheets. I'm not sure whether this is still true with all your
proposed changes.

Also what's not clear to me is whether your patch will work with non-ns
version of stylesheets which is primarily targeted for DocBook V4.x.
Your code has several tests for DocBook namespace which suggests that
you target only ns version of stylesheets.

For example how titlepage will look like for for HTML (not XHTML, so no
namespace) for non-ns stylesheets (DocBook V4.x, again no namespace)?



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