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Subject: Re: Fw: [docbook-apps] Namespace issues with titlepage templates in slides

On Friday, May 10, 2013 06:01:22 PM Jirka Kosek wrote:

> On 8.5.2013 7:19, Bob Stayton wrote:

> > Would have time to take a look at this? It seems Alexey spent a

> > great deal of time sorting out the namespace issues for the DocBook

> > titlepage template system, and has proposed many improvements. As

> > far as I can tell, they make sense, but I think you should look at

> > it.


> Sure, I originally skipped message as from subject line I got impression

> it's related to slides only.


Sorry for a confusing title. This originated as a narrow fix for slides templates, but, through that notorious "let's-fix-one-more-issue" approach quickly evolved into a rework of namespace handling.


> > This issue, however, shows that the titlepage.xsl is not not fully

> > namespace aware. First, it shouldn't "autoguess" the namespace for

> > t:wrapper - instead, it should just discover the namespace referred

> > to by the t:wrapper attribute.


> Autoguessing is here just for backward compatibility. Ideally namespace

> should be passed by ns parameter. Problems you have seen in slides

> titlepages are caused by missing ns parameter in the build script.


I agree that the problem was the slides templates were incorrectly generated - I stated so in my original email. However, my point is that target namespace can be precisely determined by checking the namespace declaration for the wrapper element; this approach works even if that element has no namespace declaration (as in HTML).


> > Attached patches deal with these issues:

> Thanks for the patches. There are many good ideas in your code, but I'm

> little bit worried about backward compatibility -- in past we have tried

> very hard to keep old titlepage templates to work with newer versions of

> stylesheets. I'm not sure whether this is still true with all your

> proposed changes.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix the issues with namespace while fully preserving backwards compatibility: as I mentioned in the original email, the problem is that some of the current templates use the default namespace for elements from different XML vocabularies: for example, XHTML and DocBook:


<t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">










As you see, this template uses default namespace for title/subtitle (DocBook elements) as well as hr (XHTML element).


> Also what's not clear to me is whether your patch will work with non-ns

> version of stylesheets which is primarily targeted for DocBook V4.x.

> Your code has several tests for DocBook namespace which suggests that

> you target only ns version of stylesheets.


Indeed, I do. I thought that docbook-xsl and docbook-xsl-ns are separate packages, isn't it so?


If it is not the case, could you explain which one is considered "master" distribution, ns-aware or non-ns version? And how one is produced from the other? I could probably modify the stylesheet to account for that case as well.


> For example how titlepage will look like for for HTML (not XHTML, so no

> namespace) for non-ns stylesheets (DocBook V4.x, again no namespace)?


Right now it would fail with the following message:


t:titlepage-content contains elements in non-DocBook namespace


(which is an attempt to fail gracefully rather than misinterpreting a non-ns aware template)


Then, if template has DocBook 5.0 namespace declared, it would generate a titlepage.template.xsl with DocBook elements being in a 5.0 namespace. Non-ns variant could probably be accommodated, though - see the questions above.






> Thanks,


> Jirka

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