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Subject: XSL-FO to PPTX

Dear All,

I generate slides from db via XSL-FO into PDF. 

While this solution fullfills our internal needs, there is a request from
sales guys to enable editing capabilities for small customizations. They
prefer PowerPoint format.
This conversion is needed for approx. 10 presentations (each with ca 20
slides) per year. It is just a fraction of our outputs.

I've tried a new Adobe Acrobat XI PDF to PPTX conversion feature, but it
isn't mature yet and it requires further tweaking. I've tried several other
tools, but to be honest, all of them fall behind new Acrobat...

OOXML is too complex for creating a simple DocBook to PPTX conversion.
Additionaly I enjoy an automatic slide content overflowing to the next slide
during the XSL-FO to PDF conversion step which cannot be simulated in the
pure XSLT (to split the content into several PPTX slides).

I was hoping this PPTX output is already offered by some XSL-FO processor,
but I haven't found any.

Has anybody any experience with any slide-like editable format which could
be offered to them? Is there something better for PDF to PPTX conversion
than Acrobat?

Any hints are highly appreciated.

Thanks, Jan

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