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Subject: HtmlHelp/CHM - Revision History+generate.revhistory.link - not visible in output


I'm looking at the CHM/HtmlHelp output from my project.  (Using Saxon-6, Microsoft Html Help Compiler, and Ant to call them both)

I want to customize how the Revision History is displayed.  I would like to be able to show it linked from the title-page, using generate.revhistory.link.


If I copy the d:revhistory and d:revhistory/d:revision templates from html/block.xsl I can customize them with no problem.  However, that is relevant to "in-line" revision histories, ie within a <section>.  I would like to have the Revision History available linked from the title page, but in another page, which should be achievable using generate.revhistory.link.


However, if I copy the d:revhistory and d:revhistory/d:revision templates for mode="titlepage.mode" from html/titlepage.xsl I start getting problems.  (Note that at this stage I've made no changes to those templates so that can't be what's causing the problem)


The first problem I noticed was that merely copying the relevant templates out of the default stylesheet file and into my customization stylesheet file would break the result.  The Revision History link is available on the title page, but clicking it gives me a page "This program cannot display the webpage".  By looking at the html produced by the DocBook-Xsl transformation I know that a page with the Revision History has been generated, named rh-something.html.  However, it is not referenced by the .hhp file, which should list all the html files, shouldn't it ?   (It does list all the other html files)

That was where I'd got to last week.  Today I sat down to look at it again and I am now even more puzzled.

The .hhp file never contains a reference to the rh file ! 

Whether or not the resulting chm works there is no rh-something.html file listed in the .hhp file that has been produced by the DocBook stylesheets.

If I manually add the rh file, as generated by the transform, to the list in the hhp file, it then works.

Unfortunately I can't find any reference documentation for the Html Help Compiler (which is very old, and twice superseded.....) so I can't see whether it should contain some built-in rules for finding pages which aren't listed.


So, does anyone know :


1.  Why it works when not customized, despite the rh file not being listed in the hhp ?

2.  How the DocBook-XSL system is supposed to work for HtmlHelp; specifically the generation of the .hhp file and the writing of the reference for the rh-something file into the hhp.









Richard Kerry

BNCS Engineer

T: +44 (0)20 82259063

M: +44 (0)7812 325518

Room EBX 301, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ



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