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Subject: body.start.indent with mixed one and two column layout


I'm using the column.count.back property to change the layout for the index, glossary, etc for our manual to 2 columns. The problem is, this is inheriting the indent (body.start.indent, I assume) from the rest of the document. This creates a weird look where the back matter columns are intented. I know I can just do body.start.intent=0 to fix that, but I want to keep the indent elsewhere. I'm not sure what sure what template and/or parameters to customize so that body.start.indent=0 only if the current section is 2 columns, otherwise it is 4pc.


David Goss, M.A.
Technical Writer, Laboratory Division
Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation
4033 Maple Road
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 834-0900 x7218

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