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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] getting text in Search tab

Thanks a lot, Kasun :-)

So it's all here:

Here are some missing strings just for "Search" (I know the lang="*" can be removed when the string is put in the correct *.xml for that language, only adding it for more clarity):

<l:template name="Search" text="Αναζήτηση" lang="el"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Serĉi" lang="eo"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Buscar" lang="es"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Otsing" lang="et"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Zoeken" lang="nl"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Pesquisa" lang="pt"/>
(We'll use it for pt_br)
<l:template name="Search" text="Поиск" lang="ru"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Sök" lang="sv"/>
<l:template name="Search" text="Пошук" lang="uk"/>

To me (non-German), the German translation looks good, but I'll cc our translators, some of them might have time to translate the other missing strings and the Germans will know better how good the German translations are :-)

Btw, in the French <l:context name="webhelp">, several strings are not marked as English while they haven't been translated.

Kind regards,

On 14/06/13 00:06, Kasun Gajasinghe wrote:
Hi Marja,

Here it is. I don't remember who did the translation, but if you see any
errors in translation, please let us know. You are always welcome to
provide missing translations for other languages.

<l:context name="webhelp"><l:template name="Search" text="Suchen"/>
<l:template name="Enter_a_term_and_click" text="Geben Sie einen Begriff ein
und wählen Sie "/>
<l:template name="Go" text="Go"/>
<l:template name="to_perform_a_search" text=", um eine Suche
<l:template name="txt_filesfound" text="Ergebnisse"/>
<l:template name="txt_enter_at_least_1_char" text="Sie müssen mindestens
ein Zeichen eingeben."/>
<l:template name="txt_browser_not_supported" text="JavaScript ist in Ihrem
Browser abgeschaltet. Bitte schalten Sie JavaScript an, damit diese Seiten
vollständig dargestellt werden."/>
<l:template name="txt_please_wait" text="Bitte warten Sie. Die Suche ist im
Gange ..."/>
<l:template name="txt_results_for" text="Ergebnisse für: "/>
<l:template name="TableofContents" text="Inhalt"/>
<l:template name="HighlightButton" text="Markierte Suchergebnisse
<l:template name="Your_search_returned_no_results" text="Ihre Suche
erbrachte kein Ergebnis."/>

This is available in the latest snapshots that you can download from


On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 4:25 PM, Marja van Waes <marja11@xs4all.nl> wrote:

On 13/06/13 21:37, Kasun Gajasinghe wrote:

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 3:05 PM, Olsen, Morten Engelhardt <
Morten_engelhardt.Olsen@atmel.**com <Morten_engelhardt.Olsen@atmel.com>>

Check the gentext template for name=Search and context=webhelp in the
common directory (and possibly compare to english)

  Yes. And, the WebHelp related l10n are defined in its own context. For
example, the english l10n in common/en.xml looks like this. Open up the
language file for the language you want, and change the webhelp context to
look like this except the text attribute. As I see, this context is
added to all the available languages.
I checked the German localization in a docbook snapshot taken by me on
April. It has the correct German translation which I guess you can copy
back to yours.

<l:context name="webhelp"><l:template name="Search" text="Search"/>
      <l:template name="Enter_a_term_and_click" text="Enter a term and
      <l:template name="Go" text="Go"/>
      <l:template name="to_perform_a_search" text=" to perform a search."/>
      <l:template name="txt_filesfound" text="Results"/>
      <l:template name="txt_enter_at_least_1_**char" text="You must enter
least one character."/>
      <l:template name="txt_browser_not_**supported" text="JavaScript is
disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to enjoy all the
features of this site."/>
      <l:template name="txt_please_wait" text="Please wait. Search in
      <l:template name="txt_results_for" text="Results for: "/>
      <l:template name="TableofContents" text="Contents"/>
      <l:template name="HighlightButton" text="Toggle search result
      <l:template name="Your_search_returned_no_**results" text="Your
returned no results."/>


Thanks for your help, Morten and Kasun :-)

@ Kasun
Do you mind re-pasting the German translation? There is no German in what
I see above ;-)

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