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Subject: Strange effect using in 1.78.1 webhelp output

Hi all,


I’m seeing some strange effect when I use the new version of the webhelp output. My guess is that this comes from the new split environment, but I’m unable to see where the error is.


I’m attaching some screenshots of this in the hope that anybody has seen this before.


The file index.png is a normal titlepage. Here the sidebar seems to flow out double of that it should. index_no_sidebar.png is the same page with the sidebar removed. In the file preface.png, this effect seems not to happen. From what I have seen it looks like this only manifests on autogenerated pages (toc in my case).


I’m also attaching some of my html output in case anybody has the opportunity to have a look at them if it is enough in the zip…


Morten Engelhardt Olsen

Software Engineer / Tools Group / Atmel Corporation

Tel: (+47) 930 94 593

Morten_engelhardt.Olsen@atmel.com / http://www.atmel.com/


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