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Subject: WebHelp Changes Required For XHTML Validity

Hi guys,

While customizing WebHelp to our needs, we found a couple of namespace and validity errors in the XHTML. They should be easy to fix for future versions. Here they are:

1) Namespace errors


Every heading on a page causes two XML namespace error. There seems to be a problem with the titlepage templates.

  • There is an empty titlepage div with an empty xmlns="" attribute.
    <div xmlns="" class="titlepage">
  • The xmlns attribute as added to many different HTML elements, e.g:
    <h2 xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" class="title" style="clear: both">
  • Horizontal rule elements are not properly closed:

FIX: The XHTML namespace declaration is missing on a couple of the docbook stylesheets. The following needs to be added to the <xsl:stylesheet> element in the webhelp.xsl and titlepage.templates.xsl files:



2) WebHelp Search Form


The search form for the WebHelp Sidebar is not valid XHTML for the following reasons:

  • The action attribute is a required attribute on the form element. For instance, the form element should have something like: action=""
  • The type attribute on the input element has a value of "search", but the permitted values for this attribute are "text password checkbox radio submit reset file hidden image button ". The value of "search" for this attribute is new in HTML 5. The value for this attribute should be changed to 'text'.
  • The placeholder attribute on the input element is an invalid attribute. The placeholder attribute is a new attribute in HTML 5. This attribute should be removed from the form.

Stefan Hinz <stefan.hinz@oracle.com>, MySQL Documentation Manager

Phone: +49-30-82702940, Fax: +49-30-82702941, http://dev.mysql.com/doc

ORACLE Deutschland B.V.&  Co. KG
Registered Office: Riesstr. 25, 80992 Muenchen, Germany
Commercial Register: Local Court Of Munich, HRA 95603
Managing Director: Jürgen Kunz

General Partner: ORACLE Deutschland Verwaltung B.V.
Hertogswetering 163/167, 3543 AS Utrecht, Niederlande
Register Of Chamber Of Commerce: Midden-Niederlande, No. 30143697
Managing Directors: Alexander van der Ven, Astrid Kepper, Val Maher

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