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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Generating e-pub and html indexes

A specific example I should not provide, as it is beyond my expertise, but I have expectations and hopes for such. I am fairly competent in xml, but not with xslt.

If the locators in a DocBook formatted xml file can point to the <chapter/>, <section>, <para/>, <table/>, etc., within the document, the more specific the reference between the locator and the origination of the <indexterm/> so much the better. Preferably the generated locator will point directly to the originating <indexterm/> placed in the document, or the lowest hierarchical block element. Rather than linking to the <chapter/>, which may contain hundreds, to thousands, of words it would be better to link to the lowest hierarchical block element that contains the <indexterm/>, such as a <para/> or <line/> (DocBook-Publisher).
This should make the an <index/> locator link directly to specific place in the text, that one would presumably be interested in once they click a link.
Locators that link to the beginning of a <chapter/> or <section/> that may contain 500+ words is not very useful. But a locator that links one directly to the <section>, <para/>, <table/>, or <line/>, would serve its’ readers well.

What I’m looking for is an index locator that has an “href” attribute that links directly to an anchored point in an XHTML and E-Pub document.
Any assistance, and direction, is appreciated.


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