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Subject: olinking between PDFs - open target in new window

Hi, I am trying to set up olinks between PDFs using stylesheet version 1.78.1 with our company customization layer, working with tool bundle of oXygen 15.0 (Saxon, FOP, etc).
The olink points to the xml:id of a chapter. Clicking the link correctly opens the target PDF and scrolls to the correct chapter. However, it does not open the target in a new window despite adding show-destination="new" to olink.properties as described in http://sagehill.net/docbookxsl/OlinkPrintOutput.html#OlinkNewWindow.
It looks like attribute set xref.properties is used in this case rather than olink.properties, changes to olink.properties has no effect on the output link.  I tested it by changing the color attribute in the sets, and the links in the generated PDF are the color specified within the xref set and not the olink set.
Any idea why olink.properties is ignored, or even better, what I have to do / look for in order to implement "open target in new window"?
Best regards
Bergfrid Skaara 

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