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Subject: Trouble with custom titlepages using Maven to generate output

Hi all,

I've been battling this for a while today so before I check out for the day, thought I'd see if anyone has any tips. 

I have an import statement to use the custom titlepage I generated as per usual as Bob Stayton's guide. If I run the Maven build, it fails with this error on parsing that file:

Error at div on line 1838 <my custom titlepage file>:
  No attribute-set exists named topic.titlepage.recto.style

If I comment out the import statement it builds fine with the default titlepage settings. 

I couldn't locate that attribute set in any of the DocBook distribution files except one place where it was empty.

If I copy that attr set block into my and un-comment out the import, it builds the document with no titlepage elements at the top at all.

Any clues from anyone that might have gone this way before?


Alan C. Oehler
Senior Technical Writer | Instart Logic
M: 650.504.7003

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