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Subject: olink-maven-plugin

I've created a maven plugin to create an olink database in the target
directory of a maven project:


The idea is that you bind this plugin to a phase before the phase that
builds you docs, so that the target/olink.db file is available to be
used when building the DocBook docs.

It's not currently designed to be a general-purpose tool supporting all
the features of olink in the DocBook xsls, but instead only serves our
narrow needs. Still, it might provide a starting point if you need
something similar. I do plan to support additional functionality, but
don't know if I'll ever attempt to make it a general-purpose tool. I
mostly wanted to let our writers use oXygen's "Insert Olink" dialog to
pick items from a toc tree rather than manually adding linkend attrs to

Internally it runs a little xproc pipeline, so it should be easy to
extend in whatever way you need. I based it on Bert Frees'


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