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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] TOC issues with DocBook WebHelp

Hi Tracy,
Regarding #1, it sounds like this bug (which I haven't looked into yet):

Regarding #2, I can see why that would happen: while the help system may
look like a frameset, the toc tree is actually reproduced on every page.
When you click on a link to go to a new page, we have js that does
things like open nodes in the toc tree to the same state they were in
before (based on a cookie) and restore the search term from the previous
page if you were on the search tab (again from a cookie). We don't have
any code that would restore the vertical scroll to the same state it
was. I did experiment with solutions at one point and was going to make
it so that it scrolls so that the page you landed on is at the top or at
least visible as a next-best-thing to preserving the scroll state, but I
got distracted before I finished that.

Let me know if #1 helps and if there are any side effects to removing
it. I believe it was there to ensure that when you clicked on a link to
an anchor in a page, the corresponding heading didn't end up under the
top banner.


On 08/27/2013 03:02 AM, Tracy Huang wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am looking for help with the two TOC issues that I have with my
> DocBook WebHelp, compiled using DocBook xsl ns 1.78.1, Ant 1.8.4, and
> Saxon 6.5.5.
> Issue 1: In my WebHelp TOC, there are several TOC entries (of the same
> level) linking to the different anchors of the same html page (this is
> controlled by the default toc and chunk parameters), but only the first
> click from these TOC entries will reload the html page and scroll to the
> right anchor of the page, all the subsequent clicks neither reload the
> html page, nor scroll the html page to the right anchor, and the html
> address in the browser address bar don’t change (although a different
> html address can be viewed when hovering on the TOC entry), unless you
> switch to a different html page, and then back to it, and then again the
> first click will scroll to the right anchor of the page, the rest clicks
> just have no effect at all.
> Issue 2: In WebHelp TOC again, everytime when you click a TOC link, the
> TOC pane will refresh and then go to the top of the TOC pane, and will
> not re-locate to the current selected TOC link. If you have a TOC which
> is really long, you will have to scroll the TOC to re-locate the TOC
> link every time, which is not user-friendly.
> These two issues could be reproduced on this WebHelp:
> http://www.appeon.com/support/documents/appeon_online_help_v1.5test/development_guidelines/index.html.
> To reproduce issue 1: visit the above address, expand the TOC tree by
> clicking Best Practice -> iOS mobile apps vs. PB desktop apps, and then
> click any entry under it, for example, Screen Size, the html page on the
> right page does not move all.
> To reproduce issue 2, visit the above address, expand the TOC tree so it
> is longer than one page, scroll to the bottom of the TOC tree, click
> Index. It goes to the top of the TOC tree, instead of staying at the
> bottom where Index is.
> I have googled for solutions but with no luck. But I found another
> DocBook WebHelp sample which has no such TOC issues, what's more, its
> performance is much much better (anybody know why?). If you are
> interested, take a look at
> http://doc.neodoc.biz/user/content/apbs03.html#d4e2030.
> I am not sure if these are bugs or configuration issues. Can anybody help?
> Regards
> Tracy

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