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Subject: RTF output with FO - Column width in tables is zero?

 I'm generating RTF output with FO, but some of the tables it generates have a cell width of zero? Specifically, they have 'cellx0' where they should have cellx(some increasing number), eg. cellx1000, cellx2000, cellx3000 for a three column table.

When opening the resulting RTF in MS Word, the table size can't be reset.

I can hack the RTF manually to fix this, but is there a better way?

My docbook-xsl/VERSION says "1.74.3". It's not actually clear to me how to upgrade to a later version! I'm on a Mac, and brew's latest is 5.0, but the website says 5.1. I assume I'm supposed to install these files: http://www.docbook.org/xml/5.1b8/rng/ but I'm not sure where/how. Are there installation instructions somewhere?


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