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Subject: footnote mark rendering with 1.77.1 stylesheets

I am having a problem with footnote mark rendering with the 1.77.1 stylesheets.

The actual footnote is rendered correctly, including the backreference to the footnote marker;
the problem is with the inline rendering of the footnote mark.

I render the footnote example from the doc 

and I'm using the html/chunk.xsl stylesheet with no customization (xsltproc on freebsd 8):

The rendered footnote mark is structured like this:
<a href="" class="footnote">
  <sup class="footnote"></sup>
<a name="id286817273"></a>
[1] will be charged etc...


I think the '[1]' should be inside the 'sup' tag. 
However, as far as I can tell, the html/footnotes.xsl seems to be correct.

Is that a bug?


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