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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Left-aligning section titles with body text

On 18/10/13 19:18, Bob Stayton wrote:
If you can come up with a better name than "side-by-side", let me know.
I didn't know what to call it.  8^)

Well, now that you challenge me, and I come to think of it closely:

1. I don't believe that there is anything wrong with "side by side".

2. I think my missing this has to do with failing to see the relation with "alignment" or "left-alignment" or more in general "spatial lay-out". In any case, the word "formatting" seems a too unspecific word for me. (I understand "formatting" to include also colors and sizes of fonts, borders, ... maybe I'm wrong).

Now you know what confused me. But how to express it best, that's another matter. Maybe something like:

  "Side by side aligned lay-out"

I'm letting you consider this and maybe come up with something better, or just leave it as it is. Because after all, I'm not a native English speaker (and stating that my native language is Dutch, though not "double Dutch", isn't really adding to my status in this regard).

Best regards,

Erik Leunissen

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