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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Strange issue with para customization affecting footnotes

On 20/10/13 17:37, Erik Leunissen wrote:

I'm baffled. What's going on here?

It appears that I've let myself be lured into an import precedence issue. See:


The solution offered by that same URL is to use in my customization layer:

<xsl:template match="para[not(parent::d:footnote)]">

I'm happy with this solution, that is, as long as it lasts.

It seems to me a fragile solution, because it'll make me run into the same kind of trouble as soon as any template matching:


is added to the stock docbook stylesheets.

I find it difficult to decide whether it's best to accept this fragility, or pursue a more robust solution (which isn't very inefficient).

Any thought's about that?

Best regards,

Erik Leunissen.

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