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Subject: [ann] oXygen XML Editor 15.1

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that a new version of oXygen XML Editor is available from our website

The additions relevant for working with DocBook are detailed below, for the complete list of changes in oXygen 15.1 please see

I would like to invite you also to attend our oXygen users meetup in Munich, on November 17th. This is a free, full day event but registration is required. We will cover many interesting topics including EPUB, XProc, Schematron and creating simple user interfaces for XML authoring:

DocBook related changes in oXygen XML Editor 15.1:
* Work with XML modules
oXygen provides support for working with DocBook files that are included as external entities or using XInclude to provide
- automatic validation from the master file
- better editing support
- search and refactoring of ID values across the entire hierarchy
- how modules and master files are connected: hierarchy and dependencies views
- file rename/move actions will update refereces
Short video: http://oxygenxml.com/demo/Working_With_XML_Modules.html

* Full bibirectional (BiDi) editing support
You can use right to left scripts like Hebrew and Arabic in your DocBook documents and edit them directly in oXygen.
Short video: http://oxygenxml.com/demo/BIDI_Support.html

* DocBook table and list sorting
You can sort entire tables or lists as well as a specific selection based on different sorting criteria. Short video, the example uses DITA but the same applies to DocBook: http://oxygenxml.com/demo/Sorting_Support.html

* DocBook to EPUB3 transformation
An experimental transformation scenario that produces EPUB 3 output from DocBook 4 and DocBook 5 resources has been added.

* Track changes displayed in read-only content
For example if you include a fragment with XInclude, that fragment is displayed read-only in the including file. oXygen displays now any tracked changes present in that fragment.

* Change tracking records attribute changes
This completes the track changes support and it is important for DocBook where for example you can specify bold and italic content only by changing the type attribute on the emphasis element.

* Search filter in character map
Finding special characters ie very easy now with the addition of a filer in the Insert from Character Map action. This filter works also on the character description so you can easily find for example a character that displays an arrow by typing "arrow" in the filter box.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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