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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Title of a toc, when toc is generated at a user-specified position

On 29/10/13 05:50, Bob Stayton wrote:

That will generate the title for the relocated toc, with one glitch.  If
you are using the default 'header.content' template for your page
headers, you will get a couple of warning messages about "Request for
title ...". That's because the header template is trying to process the
toc element (which has its own page sequence) to get a title for the
header.  But the stylesheet is missing a template matching on "toc" in
mode="title.markup".  The following template fixes that problem,  and I
will add it to the next release.

Hello Bob,

Thanks very much for this ready-to-use recipe. It produces exactly what I want.

However, it doesn't do exactly what you describe w.r.t. the warning messages: two of them are still emitted when I'm doing the processing here. For me this is not an issue. I'm happy with the result in the PDF.

Thanks a lot,

Erik Leunissen.

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