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Subject: Indexes in mobi

I'm running into something strange with indexes when I convert from epub to mobi using kindlegen.

I use the epub3 transform and set kindle.extensions="1", then use kindlegen to get a .mobi file.

The index comes out fine for ePub, but for .mobi, some devices (Paperwhite and Kindle Fire on the kindle previewer) throw away all indentation so there is no distinction between primary and secondary terms, though they do leave an extra vertical space between a primary and its secondaries.

And some (Kindle DX on the previewer and Kindle on iPhone) seemingly randomly indent (or don't indent) primary and secondary terms, and also frequently lose the line break when a primary term without secondaries precedes another primary (unless the first primary is immediately after a letter heading).

epub looks great on iOS, though I haven't tried it anywhere else.

Has anyone run into this, and has anyone figured out how to solve the problem? I've been playing around with CSS to no avail, but I'm reluctant to do any major surgery in the index if others have solved the problem.

Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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