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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Issue with page number format, when toc is relocated

On 31/10/13 19:54, Bob Stayton wrote:
Hi Erik,
You'll need to customize the template named 'page.number.format' from
fo/pagesetup.xsl.  It has an xsl:choose with a case for the TOC when the
context element is a book (so the TOC is generated without a toc
element), so you need to add a case for a toc element when present:

<xsl:when test="self::d:toc">i</xsl:when>

And once more, this resolved the issue.

What also worked in my case, but may blow up other documents, is simply replacing the existing:

  <xsl:when test="$element = 'toc' and self::d:book">i</xsl:when>


  <xsl:when test="$element = 'toc'">i</xsl:when>

Thanks again,


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