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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Storing data within Docbook?

On 19/11/13 00:34, Vadim Peretokin wrote:
I'm transforming some data from an XML format into a Docbook table - but
not all of the data in the XML is to be displayed in Docbook. I would,
however, like to store it in my Docbook XML - because future
transformations would like to read my Docbook XML and they'd need /all/
of the data that went into it. I'd rather not introduce a secondary file
for storing the extra data - this would bring complications and fragility.

I thought of adding extra columns in the Docbook table and setting them
to be hidden - but it doesn't seem to be possible to 'hide' a column
easily. Another idea would be to store in in XML comments - which would
still be accessible in my transformation as well.

*if* all your cells to be hidden are in the same column

<entry role='hidden'> to contain the cells which you do not want
to be shown?


Dave Pawson

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