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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Syntax highlighting

On 06/12/13 21:53, Norman Walsh wrote:
Hello world,

A fair bit of effort in the DocBook stylesheets goes into parsing,
decomposing, annotating, and recomposing program listings for the
purpose of adding line numbers to them. There's also a bunch of work
that goes into syntax highlighting them.

Occasionally, this takes a *long* time.

It appears that modern systems do this in the JavaScript layer on the
client. They also use tables to render line numbers.

I'm tempted to move in this direction. Comments?

No problem with line numbers. I guess it's the outcome we want
rather than how it is done?
  Would that work with insertions too? E.g. lines with (6) etc
which are referred to in commentary?

As long as I'm airing dirty laundry, I'm also tempted to abandon the
XSL stylesheets and work instead on a purpose-built HTML+CSS rendering
for printing.

I can see you getting 80% with html and CSS...
My penneth says you'll fall over on the 20% so I'm -1 on this.
  Do you believe you can do it?
What of re-ordering, toc etc?

I should say that this note is particularly about the XSLT 2.0
stylesheets that I've been working on, not the "standard" ones.

                                         Be seeing you,



Dave Pawson

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