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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Syntax highlighting

On 10/12/13 09:41, Frank Arensmeier wrote:
10 dec 2013 kl. 07:59 skrev davep <davep@dpawson.co.uk>:

On 09/12/13 16:09, Norman Walsh wrote:

I can see you getting 80% with html and CSS... My penneth says
you'll fall over on the 20% so I'm -1 on this. Do you believe
you can do it? What of re-ordering, toc etc?

Oh, you'd need a "for print" HTML stylesheet. There's lots of
things that CSS can't do. But I still think that would be easier
for most people than dealing with XSL FO.

I have to agree with you Norm. I still think there will be things
that (today) CSS can't do? That should change over (guess) the next
3-4 years? What workflow would it be then? XSLT to obtain the
selected / added /re-organised output, then CSS to style it?

I'd like to chime in here for a second or two. I think it is also
important to ask in which direction Docbook (and other XML standards
too for that matter) need to evolve in the near future. If you look
at marketshare for desktop computer vs mobile devices, one will
realise that the number of mobile devices has exploded the last
couple of years. And this trend will definitely continue over the
next decade or two. On the other hand, number of desktop computers
has decreased tremendously.

It is not quite zero yet.

Where does DB come into this picture? Personally, I think that HTML
output will (and should) become more important to focus on than
anything else. It is not XSL/FO that gets attention today, it's CSS.
In my opinion, XSL/FO is a dead end.

IMHO some/many docbook users do want print output. How it is obtained
is a means to an end.

If Docbook would switch to CSS based PDF generation, and you are able
to achieve 80% of all the features that come with the PDF format,

Only 80%? And just ignore the rest? No thanks.
When CSS can hack docbook, then fine.
  Docbook was a torture test for xsl-fo, I think it can be
the same for CSS for print.


Dave Pawson

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